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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week One - Done

Week one is over!  It has been wonderful.  An example of a typical day:  I get up at about 5/530 am to start breakfast which is at 7.  I have to use my headlamp because the generator does not come back on until 6am.  That means that anything electric does not work - lights, appliances, water, etc..  The stove and oven are run by propane so I can at least get started.  Breakfast always has available - cereal, oatmeal cups, sometimes fruit.  I prepare the eggs/bacon/pancakes and breakfast meats.  Lunch is easy - the clients make their sandwiches from stuff we supply and I have to make sure that there is a different homemade cookie every day.  Dinner includes an appetizer such as bacon wrapped ptarmagin, or salmon spread, or brie.  There is something different every evening and the only thing repeated during the week is salmon for dinner. 
This is red salmon with fresh chopped herbs (and yes I brought herb plants out so I could have fresh), lemon and butter.  It was grilled and ready in 8 minutes!  Sides included seamed fresh green beans tossed with olive oil and toasted almonds, corn, and wild rice.

Desserts - Cheescake with Berries - baked from scratch, dump cake, applesauce cake, pound cake with spiced rhubarb sauce, Chocolate brownie/cake, apple slab pie.

Kitchen disasters (at least in my mind) - Slightly overcooked fish and dinner late on BBQ night (nuff said on that Thank you). Potatoes for potato salad came out crumbly so had to make twice baked mashed potatoes.

Weather is foggy, overcast and misting rain.  The fog gets so thick that can't see the lake that's a short distance from the lodge.    

Ending week one on an up beat, all the clients loved the food and told me that I was a great cook.  A couple even wanted to know how I learned to cook so well!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 2 and some pictures

Blue Mountain for which the lodge is named.

My view out the window.   Day 2 is done.  I've been putting away the dry goods and arranging the pantry.  The weather has been wonderful here.  Tomorrow I start the baking.

This is Tuffy.
My kitchen.
My ride.
 This is the lodge.
 This is my dog Maya.
 This is one of the views.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the edge

Tomorrow I head out for the Blue Mountain Lodge. (  I take a commercial flight to King Salmon and then on to the Lodge in one of their planes.  I'm still finishing up packing (where the heck did I put my lists?) as no one can pack like a procrastinator.  What am I taking - clothes (thank goodness - so not doing the impression of the naked chef), rain boots, rain/wind jacket, long underwear, books, kindle, laptop, knitting and sketching stuff.  Maya, the wonder dog, flew out today along with the fresh herb plants and sourdough starter.  I will post as able since only have electricity when generator is up and running.  Wish me luck!!!